Homöopathie-Marketing bei der Emmy-Verleihung

Celebrities stehen auf Homöopathie.
Held each fall, the Primetime Emmy Awards coincide with the kick-off of cough, cold and flu season; and no one is immune—not even celebrities who must appear at the award ceremony. Because “the show must go on,” special guests of the HBO Luxury Lounge will find a priceless “gift of health” among the stylish and extravagant gift bags. A bag filled with a variety of these safe and reliable homeopathic medicines, including Oscillococcinum® for flu and flu-like symptoms, will be customized for guests after speaking with Lauren Feder, MD, a Los Angeles-based, nationally recognized physician and author of Natural Baby and Childcare, who specializes in homeopathy.

Paris Hilton hatte keine Globuli in der Tasche. Aber die war ja auch nicht bei der Emmy-Verleihung.
[heile Welt]
Autor: strappato   2010-08-30   Link   (2 KommentareIhr Kommentar  

siyani   2010-08-30  
wobei ich behaupte, dass paris hiltons stoff vermutlich um potenzen mehr wirkung aufweist...

strappato   2010-08-30  
Das eine hat ein Minus im Exponent, das andere ein Plus.

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